How God Changes Our Brain!

by keyvan

The subject of spirituality and mental health has been gaining more and more attention by neuroscience. The research likes to explore the effects of spiritual practices on various psychological conditions. Related fields include psychiatry, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. This new discipline explores how religion and spirituality might be associated with disorders including depression, anxiety, heart disease, and cancer. Scientists are fascinated by the permanent damage resulting from negative and hostile thoughts on the brain. In a recently published book called “How God Changes Our Brain, neuroscientist Mark Robert Walden explains the new findings about the positive and negative impact of religious practices on human brain.

For more information please visit the web site for Center for Spirituality and the Mind

Religious organization are modifying their tone as a result of these new findings. Preachers are changing their sermons from an angry and controlling tone to a loving and compassionate orientation! I suppose God has many tools to rescue His religion and His servants from the grip and manipulation of ignorant and fanatic. One of His mighty tools seems to be science and the help of enlightened and sincere scientists. yes “truth is one and has always been one but ignorant have multiplied it.

let truth set us all free

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