We saw a need to defend the children against violence

by keyvan

We appreciate everyone’s interest in what we are trying to accomplish and offering their support. We strongly believe that children are the future and every child is potentially the light of the world and at the same time its darkness. We want to make sure that every child is given a chance to be educated about the divine law of oneness. understand the vital significance of the three onenesses humanities future depends on. By The three onensses.

Real education is about acknowledging and addressing the mind as well as the heart of the children. Good character must be taught. Good deeds, however, needs to come from the heart. it is a principle human beings achieve perfection out of good deeds they do voluntarily for that we must both acknowledge and address the intellectual as well as emotional and spiritual needs of children.

Recently I have launched a weblog in defense of the Bahá’í children of Iran who are being subject to humiliation, mocking and ridicule. And on top of that, their parents, loved ones and Bahá’í community members through out the country are singled out, harassed, violated and arrested by the Islamic Republic Regime and put into prison because of their believes. My hope is not just to shed light as much as possible on what is happening and support those who endure patiently and those who dare to stand by them, but also to clarify what happens to people and especially children at large when they live in an environment that uses violence as a means of coping and resolving its differences. I hope the site to be a place of dialogue and insight about the solutions to the disease and virus of violence and what can all people, Bahá’í as well non-Bahá’í, parents, educators, community members and authorities do to protect themselves and others from the claws of this pernicious and virulent disease. Bahá’í Teachings offer a most unique and comprehensive antidote to the disease of violence and ultimate rescue of the world from it. www.Kidsidebyside.org hopes to be a vehicle of demonstrating how powerful is the light of unity and how it can illuminate the whole world and help us all rid our homes, our cities, our nations and our battered global family from the darkness of discord and violence.

Also the site is inviting all people; children, youth, students and educators in particular, to participate in a campaign called ‘Drawing the Circle of Unity” by making cards that expresses their thoughts, their feelings, their actions of support, encouragement, advice, prayers, etc. to the Bahá’í community especially Bahá’í children in Iran who live in the constant fear and anxiety of the abuse and persecution by their teachers, classmates and their government authorities. We have some sample of these cards on our site already and we are collecting more.

People can scan their cards and drawings and forward it to us by e-mail through our site or mail it to us care of Center for Global Integrated Education; Inc (CGIE) P. O .Box 1148 Claremont California 91711-1148

Please visit our site and ask others to visit www.kidsidebyside.org and ask them to send us their suggestions, stories, feedbacks, etc.

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