Born of Love and Grew in Tears

by keyvan

Many of you have been crying with me as we join to comfort and support Alhan, Taraneh and the rest of the families of Yaran and the Baha’is of Iran and their children.

We hope to bring as many of you as we possibly can to our circle of unity and love to raise our voices to the one and only Heaven and hold each others’ hands tight and speak, speak, speak up for those innocent and brave Baha’is who are languishing in the cruel dark of Evin Prison in Iran.

Born of Love and Grew in Tears

Born of Love and Grew in Tears

We need more e-mails, more face-book posts, more spreading the call, many many more drops, cups, and bowls of tears. We want your letters, your poems, your drawings, your actions, your prayers. The tree of human compassion and life is thirsty and dry. There is no shelter for love, no defender of good, no advocate of tenderness. We ought to end the stories of our time with good ending. Our children are listening to the stories we write and wouldn’t it be lovely if they could read that finally the noble and meek heros were joined by the masses and won, together they rescued what is wholesome and good and handed it to the children.

Our children listen to the stories we help write. They are waiting for a good ending. One in which the righteous, the noble, the kind, the honest, the tender, the loving, the brave, the godly, the patient, the long suffering, the meek, the powerless,  the humble, the wronged ones, the friendly, the generous, the firm in His covenant, the lovers of all humanity, the well wishers of all mankind, the just, ultimately stands up.

What a shame it would be if we just stand by and let the villains, the angry, the tyrant, the ignorant, the deceitful, the ungodly, the greedy, the controlling, the petty, the cunning, the merciless, the viscous, the lier, the empty, the nothing, the bad guys ultimately rob every one of their human rights.

Please let us know what you can do.


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