Come and Draw the Circle of Unity With us

by keyvan

The students at Claremont High, Claremont Colleges, Center for Global Integrated Education and the Bahaí community of Claremont are inviting you and your children to a rally.

Date and Time: This coming Saturday May 9th. from 1:00-4:00 pm

Place: Pomona Colleges walker Beach, located on the South corner of Honold Library at the Claremont colleges.

Program will include: Facts about the Baha’i children in Iran, artistic performances such as; bagpipes, hula-hoop participatory show, Persian instrument, free calligraphy of your name in Persian, paper and markers available for your drawings, food,

The drawings will give every one a chance to have a voice, and to show that love and unity always conquers the dark side of the human heart.

The Bahá’í children in Iran are being persecuted, mocked, shunned, harassed, intimidated by the order and endorsement of their teachers, principals, and the government officials of the Islamic Republic Régime for being Bahá’ís. In the city of shiraz the Islamic Republic Régime’s officials have published the names and addresses of all the Baha’i businesses and their owners warning the citizens to stay away from them, and do not associate with them because they are religiously defiled and any one who comes in contact with Bahá’ís, compromises his own salvation and have transgressed from the Islamic Shariat law and God will no longer answer their prayers! Scary!!!

This is the same random and ignorant mindset that has arrested Roxana (Rokhsana) Saberi, the innocent young Persian American journalist and sentenced her to 8 years behind the bars of the notorious Evin prison on charges of espionage!! She had to go on food strike to show how the very core of her being was assaulted and injured with this outrageous allegation and injustice. The whole world has arisen to defend her innocence and secure her freedom. But the cry of humanity finds no ear and she is still behind the bars. We keep her, her parents and the cause of freedom and basic human rights in our prayers. The Bahá’í community of Iran, as you can see, has no refuge save God.

The concern of all of us is not only the protection of the innocent and their human rights, but also the protection of innocence and fairness itself. We believe that humanities greatest privilege is to be able to manifest the divine attributes such as nobility, honesty, integrity, compassion, love, joy, unity, and love for all and peace itself. The real tragedy and loss occurs when a soul gives up on the powers of the very thought of peace and love, and let it be overtaken by the thoughts of hatred and war.

The story of the Bahaí children of Iran has prompted an initiative of universal love by a Claremont High school senior, to invite everyone joining hands to draw the simple expressions of their love and solidarity for the Bahaí children in Iran. Thanks to the world without borders of the internet, we will create the biggest circle of unity and love around the Bahá’í children of Iran and for that matter around all children, as all are entitles to feel safe and loved.

Please do come and join us at the rally Sat May 9, 09 or scan and send us your drawings to or send us your drawings to

Center for Global Integrated Education (CGIE)

P.O. Box 1148

Claremont, California 91711-1148

May God bless all who care for all

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