The most beautiful smile

by keyvan

mail2This is the Taraneh with her birthday havij gift her mom Fariba kamaabadi grew for her in the Evin prison. I called it born of love and grew in tears.

Her beautiful smile tells you more than any word can say. A Baha’i child living in Iran, living the terror of her house being raided by the Islamic republic Regeme’s officials at the early morning hours of May 19, 2008. She witnessed her mom’s being arrested and taken away! She only gets to see her from behind a thick glass wall with prison guards watching. She cannot hug her, no kisses, she cannot even hold mom’s hand or see her unveiled face and hair!! Can you see any of that on this face?

What do we see on Taranh’s face?

Love to hear your comments and suggestions.

mail your comments to p.o. Box 1148 Claremont California 91711-1148 or e-mail it to us at in case you did not know.

We have to make this a better world for all children.


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