How many pictures is needed to go once around the globe?

by keyvan

Dear children;

As so many of you have indicated, a simple picture does make a big difference in the consolation of the heart of the Baha’i children in Iran.

We like to receive enough 8×10 page size pictures from all over the world to go around the globe t least once and make a real impressive point that children all over the world are about justice and unity and they will vote for it by submitting their drawings  in order to make the circle of unity ever bigger and bigger. We would like the circle to become as big as the circumference of the earth. Right now we have only covered a short distance.

You can scan you drawings and e-mail it to us at or mail it to us at

P.O. Box 1148

Claremont, Ca 91711-1148


Let us see more pictures.

We would like someone to calculate and tell us how many pages we need to go once around the globe. Who ever send us the right answer, will get a free Draw the circle of unity t-shirt.

Let us begin


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