On Father’s day my father is in Evin prison!

by keyvan

Father’s day is approaching and some of the Baha’i children may only see their fathers from behind the glass wall in the Evin prison, no hug, no touch! Can it be a celebration?

Five out of 7 Baha’i prisoners in the Evin prison of Iran are Baha’i fathers who have been away from their families for over a year and will not be able to give a hug to their children and get a hug back! How sad!

These fathers not only have been an inspiration to their biological children but they also have loved, supported, educated, and protected many other children as their spiritual children. So many children are feeling the loss. So many children looked up to them as examples of integrity, honesty, nobility, knowledge, wisdom, humility, sacrifice, faithfulness, strength,humanity, patience, magnanimity, love, staunchness in faith, joy, happiness, trustworthiness.

In reality, the Islamic Regime of Iran has put behind the bars all that is good and godly. What a grievous loss, what a shame, how tragic for all children of man!


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