sometimes truth is like a high mountain!

by keyvan

The news out of Iran is frightening the children once more. How long we ignore their cry? How many generations we are willing to loose to violence and ignorance?

I remember one day when I was standing with a bunch of friends at the foot of a mountain. Together we scaled the size of it and decided, no problem, we can reach the top in two hours!! The mountain is ours!!!

Little did we know, once we reached one peak, there was another above it, and another, and another.  After a while, the wisdom sank in and humility felt refreshing. We were fooled and misguided by our own petty perception to understand the mountain, its size and its truth.

I often think, truth of the oneness of humanity, the oneness of God and all His religions is also like that mountain. When we stand too close to the base of it, we underestimate its reality, its powers and its might and we deprive ourselves of the exhilarating experience of the climb and discovering its new bights. Just as it is necessary to take one step off the ground in order to take the next, we also must be willing to take our minds off our vain imaginations to reach the height of truth and new understanding.

The truth of the oneness of all humanity, though a very high mountain, yet we are told by Baha’u’llah, is now within the reach of humanity if we choose to approach it with humility and embrace His Teachings and wisdom.

God loves unity and we should too. With this new knowledge, faith, perseverance, consultation, unity, reflection and action and when we surrender all perceived excuses we will be able to begin our climb. Let us lead our hopeful children aright.

“There can be no doubt whatever that the peoples of the world, of whatever race or religion, derive their inspiration from one heavenly Source, and are the subjects of one God.”   –Baha’u’llah

All this chaos and prce for ignorance and arrogance!! What a shame, we got the la over 160 years ago. We shuld have scaled a good part of the side of the mountain by now if we had opened our hearts and minds to the truth. yes, umanity is one. There is only one God. Therefor there is only one everunfolding teachings from God.

Hope we listen and agree and get on with the journey upward.


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