When one child is frightened, all children suffer!

by keyvan

We have received the words that; “The government campaign to eradicate the Baha’i community of Iran continues in full force, with arrests, confiscation of assets, closing of businesses, long and frightening interrogations, raids on homes, denial of education and employment, harassment of schoolchildren, and other forms of persecution. An organized campaign of disinformation continues not only in government-sponsored media but also by clerics who speak in mosques and schools. The desecration of cemeteries and harassment over Baha’i burials are clear indications that the persecution is based solely on religion and not the result of any threat posed by Baha’is, as officials sometimes claim.”

For those who are directly subject to injustice, be patient, be firm, be resolute, trust in god and His justice.

For the rest of you who are observing and suffering from afar, please act, please send us your voices, your drawings, your pictures, your stories, your songs, your prayers, your words of love, support  and humanity. Tells us how you care and what you are doing to show you care. Let us reach out and answer to the cry of our innocent children who are afraid for their own safety and the safety of their families. Let us show the victory of love over hatred, of justice over injustice. This is yet one more chance for all humanity to show how “Never Again” looks like.


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