Which cards the Baha’i children in Iran like and find more comforting?

by keyvan

Now that we have downloaded a fair number of cards from both children and adults, we are curious to know what the recipients of these cards, the Baha’i children in Iran think and feel about them. If we had a rating from 1 to 10 as to their effectiveness; more soothing, assuring, comforting, etc. which message or card will get a higher number.

I would imagine some people can take a guess and let us know. Among the staff we started to talk about the ones each of us found better than others in comforting and assuring and some which was not as much.

One thing is for sure the sheer number and variety of the cards is really a factor, every card is a gift and no matter what a loving voice for justice and human rights.

I would love to hear your thughts


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