CNN: US Panel Demands Release of Bahais Facing Trial in Iran

by keyvan

(CNN) “– Seven Baha’i prisoners face a death-penalty trial Saturday in Iran amid calls for their release from a U.S. panel on religious freedom.

Responding to a letter from Roxana Saberi, the Iranian-American journalist who spent four months in an Iranian jail earlier this year, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) demanded the seven prisoners be freed rather than stand trial on charges of espionage and religious violations. If convicted, they could face execution.”

O ‘ How  much I wished that CNN World news had a much different occasion to have the Bahaí community of Iran in its headlines. I am still hoping and waiting to read their headline saying: The Bahaí prisoners finally were found innocent; all charges dropped and they were released! The seven looking physically very worn had big smiles on their faces and walked out amidst the celebration and cheers of their families, their friends and masses of people throughout Iran who spoke up for justice and liberty. Throughout the world people  took a sigh of relief and celebrated their release and the what this release could mean for peace and justice for all people. This is a beginning for Iran to experience the sweet taste of freedom of  conscience and religious belief for all. The Baha’i youth are looking forward to be able to attend university after 30 years of being banned from this basic human rights. The Baha’i children are smiling and cannot believe they can attend school without being harassed and persecuted for their belief and that they will be welcomed by their teachers and friends to contribute freely their views and thoughts in class discussions and in their scholarly work, etc.  The people of Iran are for the first time free and not threatened to make a distinction between understanding and respecting another persons point of view verses agreeing or disagreeing with that perspective!!”

Oh how I yearn to see the above or something like it on CNN!!

Please do read the whole story on the CNN World News

For additional information, please visit to access the statements by Ms. Saberi and the Commission. These resources are also available on the Commission’s website:


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