Global Day of Action July 25

by keyvan

We appreciate and echo the The Baha’i World News Service home page update, to include the following text:

“On 25 July 2009, in more than 60 cities around the globe, well-wishers of the people of Iran will mark a Global Day of Action “to demand respect for the human rights of the Iranian people and to demonstrate worldwide solidarity with the civil rights movement in Iran”. This action has been designated by the organizers as “a non-partisan collaborative of individuals and human rights organizations”. Full details concerning the genesis and aim of this initiative may be found at  Global Day of Action

The staff at  is proud to take the voices of the mothers and fathers and children who mourn the loss of their loved ones and the injustice committed against them to all corners of the world. We join all the supporters and advocates of human rights in this noble cause. We felt heartened to know of the support of the Bahaí international community that read: “Bahá’ís from countries across the planet join the swelling chorus that calls for the internationally recognized human rights of all Iranians to be upheld and safeguarded, wholeheartedly supporting those gatherings and other forums that seek through non-partisan means to draw attention to this pressing issue. ”

Kidsidebyside urges the authorities in Iran to release all the prisoners of conscience, to put a stop to violence against protesters and uphold the respect for international human rights for all irrespective of their differences.


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