UK Government Demands Transparency & Justice in Iranian Government’s Baha’i Trials

by keyvan

UK’s Parliament Debates Trial of Baha’is in Iran

The UK government representative declares he does not seek to do “politics through confrontation or simplistic condemnation of individuals or Governments. Rather, my two goals are to resolve the pressing human rights issues facing the Baha’is in Iran and to prevent a dreadful miscarriage of justice in the days ahead.”

Who could, of a sound mind, possibly desire and administer anything but justice in any case before God and His people? Historically only,  the cruel, the viscous, the ignorant, the selfish, the crooked, the wrong, the ungodly, the transient, the despised, has been the holder of the banners of injustice. And history continues to repeat itself.

Can any unjust and inhumane system, religious or otherwise, call itself of God or of people? Baha’u’llah declares, “The best beloved of all things in my sight is justice…”


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