Washington TV is keeping an eye on Iran’s violation of human rights!

by keyvan

Washington TV keeps an eye on the on going violation of human rights in Iran.

I was speaking with an old Bahaí friend who told me he spent 9 months in the Evin prison on account of being a Bahaí. With a radiant smile he shared: “I had a sense of resignation and peace to know my only crime was my belief in the universal humanity of all human beings, in the oneness of all humanity, in the oneness of God and the oneness of all His messengers. i prayed daily for the forgiveness of my captors as we were taught to do by the teachings of Bahaú’llah. The history of Bahaí Faith had taught me that real change in the fundamental ways people believe is never easy and much blood is shed before mankind wakes up to the new values  and recognizes the redeeming force of love and light of the new Teachings.The hardest part for me was the isolation and on going silence, not knowing whether it was day or night, whether to sleep or to stay awake, the constant silence was unbearable days in and days out!”

I was thinking to myself, God gives man this precious life to know, to live, to love and to serve. He must expect certain fruits from each minute and each day of His servants. Who pays for those lost hours and days of life that is arrested, taken, and wasted at the hand of the ignorant and the unjust? Seven innocent Bahaí members of an ad hock committee are amongst those who have been spending their precious days and nights behind the bars of the dark cells of the notorious Evin prison for over a year with no access to legal defense. Their withered bodies have grown weak not having proper food, exposure to sunlight and the chance to move. The fundamentalist Islamic Regime seems to have all the liberty to do with them as the Regime pleases.  The seven precious souls might face death at the hand of the authorities. Can anyone scream to put a stop to this injustice? I can hear the profits of God especially Muhammad weeping to see what is done in the name of His message of peace and submission.

I cannot think of any words of comfort and consolation to say to the Bahaí children of Iran who continue to wonder and fear who next will be yanked from their beds in the early hours of the morning and put behind the bars of the prisons of the Islamic Republic Regime. May God be the defender of His own Justice and protector of all.


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