To those who are free to worry about the precious lives that are withering before our eyes!

by keyvan

This morning I got another e-mail about the deteriorating condition of the seven Baha’is in Evin prison that further ripped my heart. Families went to the Evin prison to visit their innocent loved ones. They were shocked by the rapidly worsening condition of their beloveds. Their physical conditions is deteriorating due to the prolonged and inhumane treatment by the authorities.  Fariba Kamal-Abadi has developed bed soars on her skin due to constant lying and sitting on the bear cement floor of the prison cell while waiting for a so called trial! This waiting is now taken over a year and has taken a big tole on their health. Does any one hear their cries?

God only gave each one of us one set of eyes that can only see so far or so wide. He gave us each one set of arms that can only reach a short distance to comfort  and help. He gave us each one set of ears to hear the cries of those who are near and dear. Yet the breath He has granted us must lift the sighs of all the women, men and children on our planet who turn to Him for justice and peace, for love and humanity, for tranquility and fairness, for oneness and tolerance. No one can make a difference by him/herself, no one can. We need each other for support. We need many eyes, many arms, many ears, and many breaths to over come the obstacles in the path of dignity and true liberty for all. Our world is in deep struggle, each arm too short, each ears too weak, each breath too feeble.

Please join us in prayers and action to raise awareness and to defend the voice of justice, humanity and liberty for all. Our silence is a vote in favour of the forces of darkness and ignorance. Let us seize our chance. Our active and resonate voice and actions becomes numbered with every passing breath.


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