Do You Hear her? Will you join her? Will you Cary Her Voice and Amplify It?

by keyvan

I heard her cry on You-Tube!

It keeps ringing in my ear! I can feel the; “my heart melting within me and my blood boiling in my veins”. I have been saying this phrase for years through the process of chanting the Long Obligatory Prayer gifted to humanity by Bahaú’llah to tune the cords of our humanity and harmonize the voices of humility amongst other spiritual up-keeps we need. I kept wondering when I really feel this feeling that Bahaúllah is wishing me to feel? And today I felt it when I heard the lamentation and cry of Haleh from her prison cell and her story of love and sacrifice for the underprivileged becoming all of a sudden to a halt by the hand of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran.

Haleh was attending to the most vital human rights of all children, the right to real education, the right to know and to love. She was exercising her Universal Human Right to serve humanity, to prefer the good of others over her own. let us act so the very seed of Universal Human Rights for all be spread to all corners of the world and be planted in every fertile heart.

What can you do? What will you do? What will you be able to do? Please write us and share your choices since she has very few without you!!

Love to hear from you


haleh Ruhi cries out, Do we hear her?

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