What Do you know About he Birth and History of Human Rights?

by keyvan

story of Human RightsHave you ever taken a pole and asked random people if they know what are the human rights? I was surprised as you also witness on this video how few people really know what are our the Universal Human Rights. Don’t bother to ask about the history of its development because very few might have any notions.

I would be particularly interested to know the particular contribution of the Baha’i Faith to the Declaration of the Human Right. if any one out there has information, please do send it.

The Story of Human Rights VideoVideo
is perhaps the most comprehensive and also informativ video on the birth and development of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

I like to invite the teachers of the Baha’i children of Iran to take the courage and share this video in the classrooms!!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful. All children and youth all over the world should especially in Iran the birth place of the idea of oneness of all humanity should know about universal human rights.


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