Canaries in Iran are Gasping for Fresh Air!!

by keyvan

The article by Howard Adleman in Globe .comhas an interesting metaphor. It takes a great deal of emotional charge for a journalists to search for and come up with a metaphor to say a lot in a nutshell.

The canaries in Iran’s cages

The canaries in Iran’s cages: None are more persecuted than the Baha’i AP

“In hard-line Iran, none are more persecuted than the Baha’i”: says Adelman.

Ironically many believe the Bahaís of Iran are the breath of fresh air and a source of hope and consolation to what a human being really can aspire and how religion can be the very healing medicine for elevation of human spirit. If religion of God is not the cause of elevation of human spirit, the impetuous for love of all humanity, selflessness, education, happiness, liberty, respect for human rights of all, respect for the human rights of children, independent investigation of truth, oneness of all religions of one God, harmony of religion and science, consultation, equality of men and women, world peace, then that is not a true religion for the ills of today and its shelflife to make a real and good difference has long passed.


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