CNN.Com is sounding the Bells for All Who Are Alive!!

by keyvan

Can anyone consider themselves alive today amidst a global media access available to all of us and not cry out in defense of the human rights of the innocent Bahaí prisoners in Iran? It was just a few years ago right after the horrors of the Holocaust that we screamed with deepest regrets for keeping our mouth shut. We woke up from that nightmare, looked at the losses humanity had suffered and cried and shouted and vowed; “Never again, Never again”. Well another tragedy of human rights violation is about to occur in Iran and we cannot afford to be sorry after the fact.

Please do act and let others know what you are going to do. With all the possibilities at our disposal, there is no excuse left to keep our mouth shut and then express regret!

CNN.comis telling the world the tragedy that is about to happen in the dark corridors of Islamic Republic Regime’s mock trials of the 7 Baha’i leaders. This, every one knows is a blatant violation of the human rights of the innocent Bahaís in Iran and atrocities of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. What good it is if we hear the news and do not shout out?

What could be our honest answer to our God?


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