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by keyvan

I just received another sad news of more persecution and arrests of the innocent and defenseless Bahaís of Iran!! Am I surprised? No!! But i am devastated and even more determined to stand by what is right and what is just. “What else is new”, is most reasonable people’s response. i am waiting for God’s hand to show His cards!!

You must have heard the expression of “Having nothing to Loose’? If it was not for the noble mission of creating a refuge for all humanity and trusting in God’s ultimate triumph of good over bad and light over darkness, the Bahaís of Iran could completely give up speaking about human rights. Truly there is nothing more the Islamic Republic Regime can do to violate the human rights of this most meek and peace loving community.  The reason the Bahaís do not retaliate is the belief that the very healing medicine for the troubles and tribulations of humanity is for the individual to only think peace and for the institutions of governments of the world to uphold the standard of justice. This is the balance for the whole world and the door out of the present impasse for all of us.

The Bahaís of Iran and the Bahaís all over the world are holding fast to the cord of their sacred Teachings and practicing peace and only appealing through the judicial and legal avenues for human rights for all.

The biggest obstacle in delivering such a legitimate and humane request is the very inhumane beliefs and practices of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran evidence amongst many others, by the following documents.

On October 26, the U.S. Department of State released its 2009 International Religious Freedom Report on Iran, which includes several mentions of the persecution of Iran’s Baha’i minority. For example,

“Adherents of religious groups not recognized by the Constitution, such as the Baha’is, do not have freedom to practice their beliefs. The Government prohibits Baha’is from teaching and practicing their faith. Baha’is are barred from all leadership positions in the Government and military.

The Government considers Baha’is to be apostates and defines the Baha’i Faith as a political “sect.” The Ministry of Justice states that Baha’is are permitted to enroll in schools only if they do not identify themselves as such, and that Baha’is preferably should be enrolled in schools with a strong and imposing religious ideology. There were reports that Baha’i children in public schools faced attempts to convert them to Islam.”

Can anyone speak of human rights with such a inhumane mindset?

Be my guest!!


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