Meta Cognitive Benefits of Spiritual Thought Patterns and Human Rights

by keyvan

When I listen to the discourse in the media about human rights violations or support, I often see people falling into the mind trap of competition of whose human rights is more important than others!! “Why are you defending your little minority while so many others are suffering a lot more, who do you think you and your group are?”; they say in utmost protest. They seem truly concerned and upset as if there is not enough human rights to go around. They must think when one group gets to be loved and supported, then others will be left out! In the mind of these well wishers of human rights there is not enough human rights to be afforded to everyone!!

Although the scarcity mindset does apply to the material resources but it does not in any ways apply to humanities spiritual capacities such as our capacity for integrity, love, humanity, respect, peace, justice, genericity of spirit, grieving over each other, patience, unity, feeling at one with one other. The more we love, the more we act with generosity of spirit, the more we increase our capacity to love and be generous, is the rule of the game in the spiritual domain.

In essence any opportunity we take advantage of to love, to defend and support any one’s human rights, even our own enemies, increases our capacity for justice and understanding of its complexity. It is us who first benefit from extending a hand to defend the human rights of another. The benefit that comes to all others is actually second hand. We are the primary beneficiary of defending human rights of other human beings no matter who they are.

Next time when we hear a sorrow stricken heart who is lamenting the violation of any one’s rights, it is only mature and really humane to join them in their sorrow, empathize with their pain and ask to know more about what we can do to put a balm on their wound. No one should worry about too much regards for human rights reduces the amount of human rights concern for others!! No one should fight with others that if  we shower our loving support upon one group there would be not enough left for another.

This dilemma makes it ever so much more clear  that we need a whole lot more education about the spiritual law and the principle of the oneness of all humanity. We must teach our children that we are all, with no exception, cells of one body, leaves of one tree, flowers of one garden, waves of one see.

One of the best sources of elevated patterns of alternative thought in support of an ever advancing civilization that purifies our wayward thoughts, liberate us from our lesser identities, and protects the universal integrity of our own humanity while guiding us to remove the enemies of justice and humanity from our midst are the Bahaí prayers. The metaphors of peace, justice with regards to human rights are absolutely out of the box thought patterns that teaches us while praying for help how to maintain the integrity of our own humanity.

The enclosed prayer in Persian asks for removal of the real enemies of human rights that is our character deficiencies. The Dart-Waiders of ignorance of the oneness of humanity, prejudice about race, class, religion, ethnicity, nationality, superstition, hunger for power and control over others when given the voice and force, will tear the Luke Skywalkers of peace and humanity into pieces.

The Bahaí children all over the world especially in Iran pray for the sun of knowledge, true education, integrity, godliness, justice for all to rise in the heart of all humanity. They pray for the ascendancy of compassion, wisdom, fairness, patience, humility, fear of the one and only loving God’s justice and a greater understanding of the law and principle of oneness of all humanity. They pray for the dawn of regards for human rights of all by all of us.



yaran dar keshvare Iran prayer

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