No Due Process, No Regards for Human Rights of the Citizens and They Call The Islamic Regime A Government?

by keyvan

Baha’is condemn lack of due process at trial in Iran

Detention of 10 Baha’is leads to fears for other prisoners

27 January 2010

Jan 31, 2010

NEW YORK – The Bahá’í International Community has issued a statement condemning the trial of 16 individuals in Iran yesterday as a “violation of all internationally accepted standards of legal due process.”

The statement highlights the lack of proper legal representation for the defendants and the use of unreliable “confessions” in the trial. One of the 16 on trial is a Baha’i. …

Please read aloud this heart breaking story. Carry every where with you the voices of the innocent youth of Iran. Share the cry of the grieving parents with all those who care about humanity and human rights. Put the plea of freedom lovers on your Face Book. Talk about it, pray for the innocent in your moments of reflection, hold a prayer gathering, ask God for His justice about any injustice.

Really, how long the reign of injustice and dark forces can continue? The children are turning into adults without the embrace of their parents. Please God, hear the cry of the young and innocent. Let us see your silver lining. let the children of this world see the light of the day of justice and tranquility, let the oneness of all humanity become apparent to all.


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