The Bahaí Children are Frightened In Iran

by keyvan

I wish I had a different story to tell you about the Bahaí children of Iran about the status of the human rights of their loved ones.

As you can see in the world wide coverage of it, the trial of the seven innocent Bahaís of Iran is on but neither is transparent nor fair and no one is surprised.

This is truly a point in the history of humanity where we are all watching and shouting while injustice and inhumanity is wining the upper hand and humanity is finding itself helpless to stop the sadness and the cruelty.

Sometimes I ask myself are we like the Romans who sat on the bleachers and watched the Gladiators? Have we gone that far down?  Sometimes I wonder if we have become too accustomed to the crueltyies of human race. Are we the proverbial frog who is sitting in the hot pan of its waywardness cooking to death and not registering it!! How can we expect any regards for human rights by people who are bereft of any sense of humanity and disernment?

May we suppose that the fruits of this lesson is lying in a different garden and is to stir a completely different set of hearts? Is this happening because we are not convinced of the horrors of ignorance and prejudice? Are we suffering this bitter lesson because humanity is divided by many walls of inhumanity, lesser loyalties and lower identities such as race, religion, nationality, class, etc?

The following article in the Guardian about faith, life and death, is well written and honest and is one of the voices of conscientious people’s  universal choir in defense of the human rights of the innocent Bahaí children and families. I read some of the comments on it!! Cynicism is all around us. Let us not get distracted by the one who brings us the pearl, let us give everyone the credit for speaking the truth on behalf of the innocent and meek. Let every one Speak up.



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