The Flood-light of Global Media is Focused on Iran and the Trial of Bahaís

by keyvan

You can read about the latest develpment on the trial of the Bahaís of Iran by referring to

Bahaí World News Service

 Bahaí World News Servie in Persian

Can the Islamic Republic Regime trample upon the human rights of the inocent Bahaís with all these eyes from every corner of the civilized world watching? Shirin Ebadi says, not if they have any notion about justice!

What they have done to the Bahaí community, the Bahaí youth and Bahaí children of Iran cannot and will never be associated with anything but inhumanity, injustice, now the world has no doubt. The air is heavy with nothing but violations of every human rights one could imagine.

Please do keep your eyes on this and keep the lights on!!

You get a good picture in this comprehensive article about how the world is reacting to the human rights abuses of the Bahaís of Iran and the Bahaí children’s violation of their human rights.

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