The Missing Link in Education and Human Rights Violations

by keyvan

I love to support any organization who understands the vital importance of education for oneness of humanity and peace and its role in elimination of all prejudice. This I consider to be essential for the education of the whole child. How can we call it whole child if all children of all colors and all creeds and all beliefs and so called no belief cannot be respected and included. The very self centered nature of all children will backfire if any one for any reason is excluded from the ranks of being human. Human rights and education about the oneness of all humanity, the oneness of the Creator and the Oneness of the continuous nature of divine guidance must ultimately free us from the man made divisions that prompts us to dehumanize each other and violate the human rights of others.

The following web site with wonderful stories and lesson plans called Spiritual Education lessonswas one of my delightful finds this morning. i do recommend that all teachers of human rights and peace to visit it and take a look at its free lesson plans and specially stories. Following is a sample quote from the site:

“Our children will not be able to live in peace until a majority of the people of the world adopt an all-inclusive view of religion and spirituality. The increasing turmoil in the world demonstrates that our lives depend on a unified understanding of the concepts of God and religion that can offset the rampant brutality and devastation caused by sectarian and religious prejudice.

“Just as the peoples and nations of the world have come to recognize fundamental human rights, so should they come to promote the harmony of all the world’s religions. The aims of the lesson plans on this site are to provide a systematic means for building a foundation for understanding the nature and purpose of religion and the common relationship that all of humanity shares with its Creator.”


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