Baha’is Highlight Processes of Collective Deliberation at UN Commission for Social Development

by keyvan

5 February 2010– Ming H. Chong, a member of the Bahá’í community of Singapore and the Bahá’í International Community’s delegate to the UNCommission for Social Development, delivered an oral intervention on the processes of collective deliberation orconsultation, which serve as the basis for collective decision-making in Bahá’í communities around the world (view video).

The Baha’i community takes pride in presenting to the global civilization such examples of excellence in its young. The same standard of excelence should be afforded to all young people all over the world. The Baha’i system of education is unfortunately barred to the children in Iran in the name of Islam!! What a sad day for Moslem children and youth to be oppressed in the worst possible way; deprived of learning, deprived of possibilities of knowing and loving. Justice would require that all children can learn in a safe and loving environment encouraged to see the beauty and perfection of one another and not to be burdened with the shortcomings of each other. Being able to  earn in such a matrix of harmony and freedom of exploration ones nobility of character should be available to all children in this world. Religion can only be viable if it makes the believers better human beings and the world a better place for all.

Story of the good corn is a good reminder that our children cannot grow to be wonderful human beings if they are surrounded by destructive influences in their lives. Education is like air it is blown every where with every breeze. You cannot keep the children in a cocoon of ignorance about their spiritual reality. We are all hardwired for connecting with other fellow human beings and relating to a one and only loving creator. Hatred as well as love does boomerang back to the source it sprung from. As Jack Canfield an old freind used to say; the love you shower upon another is second hand, the one who loves is the first and primary beneficiary of the regenerating energy of love. We must realize how important it is for peace and tranquility of all that we let our children experience unconditional love and compassion.

Bahaí Consultation is a most powerful tool to facilitate the flow of love and friendship in our world.

Ming H. Chong on Baha\’i Consultation


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