CNN, the Open Letter of Dr. Shirin Ebadi to UN on Violations of Human Rights

by keyvan

The defenseless people of Iran are continuing to resist and insist on the realization of their just demands for democracy and human rights.
–Dr. Shirin Ebadi   

Shirin Ebadi speaks in Belgium after the disputed 2009 Iranian elections.
Dr. Shirin Ebadi, Human Rights Advocate and 2003 Nobel Laureate, writes an Open Letter to Honorable Madam Navanethem Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and members of the United Nations Human Rights Council
The article In CNNis unusual because it publishes the entire letter of Dr. Ebadi.
Other websites such as refers to the upcoming UN session she would be addressing about the human rights violations in Iran.
One of my associates at the University was asking me what do Iranian people wants us to do to help them with the violations of their human rights? “That is a very interesting and complex question,” I replied. In a way different people might have different views about what is the best thing for people outside of Iran to do to help with the human rights and democracy. The ones I know, however, tell us continue doing what we were doing before we got stopped when we got arrested and put in prison wherever you are in the world.  Continue to educate the children, especially the girls. Continue to educate humanity about what is to be human and why we should love all humanity. Run with the flame of knowledge and take the flame of awareness of the oneness of all humanity to the next mountain top. Educate the children and youth about their spiritual powers and how they can create greater spheres of unity and peace. The progress of humanity cannot be put on hold because we are in bond and prison.
In the open letter, however, Mrs. Ebadi shares her personal views about what needs to be done and how urgent it  is. We all have plenty of food for thought and action.
Her plea is to the UN and all who have something to do and say about the violations of human rights in Iran.
In the final paragraphs of her letter she urges:

“So, I urge you, yet again, to use whatever means possible to convince the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to abide by the resolutions adopted by the U.N. General Assembly, in particular the resolution of December 2009; to allow human rights rapporteurs, especially those who deal with arbitrary arrests, freedom of expression, religion and women’s rights, to enter Iran, and to cooperate with them.

I also urge you to appoint a special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, who would be able to continuously monitor the government’s conduct and, by offering prompt advice and suggestions, help end the political crisis and mounting repression.

My honorable friends! Please bear in mind that we are all responsible and accountable to history. God forbid, lest we stand ashamed before a defenseless nation because of our political complicities.”

Shirin Ebadi’s voice needs to be echoed.


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