French Academia and Scientists Appeal to Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

by keyvan

The other day a nine year old Bahaí boy was asking a college student mentor if the university students are doing anything to reach out to the Haitian victims of earthquake? He followed his sincere inquiry with; “truly the Haitians must be a very important part of human family; they must have certain unique contribution to our world that we surely will miss if they are no longer able to exist!!”

 For us listening to this compassionate concern of a nine year old for people that he has had no tangible contact with was admirable. How wonderful, how spiritually mature that we can see this degree of understanding of the oneness of all humanity and the right of each human being to life, in our children.

Last week we saw similar sentiments and appreciation in defense of the freedom of the Bahaís of Iran and their Universal Human Rights from the French scholars, scientist and academicians. Le Monde published their names and their credentials. This form of rallying around the innocent and beleaguered, is both a privilege and responsibility that must needs to happen a lot more from all corners of the globe before the ears of those who is stuffed with prejudice and hatred may hear and head.

L'ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Guide suprême de la révolution iranienne.


L’ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Guide suprême de la révolution iranienne.

The French famous publication Le Mondehas published this well written  appeal to Seyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Republic Regime. The appeal gives a brief and factual account of how the Bahaí community of Iran with its progressive values of equality of the rights of men and women and a conviction to work towards global peace and unity, has historically been a defenseless and often easy to attack scapegoat by those in power at times of crisis.

I am not so sure if their appeal would make much of a difference in the Ayatollah’s attitude or actions, but it is important history to note that people, highly intelligent and aware people of our time did cry out in the diffence of Bahaís from all corners of the world.

Le Monde has wisely included a very big picture of Ayatollah Khamenai, making sure there is no mistake to whose attention this appeal is directed.

Please God, let your innocent and tired lovers be set free so they can fulfill their responsibilities as your selfless servants towards humanity as you have so wished and directed them to.


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