Remembering the Yaran and their Trial in Iran in Our Continious Prayers.

by keyvan

The whole world is concerned expecting that the worst might happen in the upcoming trial of the seven former Bahaí leaders in Iran on Feb 7, 2010.

The hope and prayers of everyone is that these innocent souls may face a just and transparent trial and be unified with their families and loved ones after being held in prison unjustly for over a year and half. We wish to continue to remember the Yaran in our prayers for their love for all humanity and for their nobility and meekness.

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The following video contains a prayer of Bahaú’llah  in memory of Yaran. The slide show and video in memory of Yaran on You Tube is accompanied by a poem song by the Persian vocalist Sattar as a moving reminder that all the people of Iran are keeping their fellow Bahaí citizens in their thoughts and prayers.


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