The Persecution of Baha’is in Iran is a Proof of Fear and Hatred of the Islamic Regime

by keyvan

Interview in the voice of America with Dr. Hakhak on You-Tube

In this interview Dr. Ahmad Karimi Hakhak, a well known historian, author and scholar of Persian literature explains that the reason for the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran is and has been fear and hatred by the Islamic authorities. He then draws a parallel between the Islamic Regime’s policy of elimination of the Baha’i Faith and the Roman Empire’s attempt in destroying the Christian movement which after over 300 years of persecution ended with the defeat of the Empire and victory of Christianity.

Dr. Hakhak predicts that sooner or later people of Iran will know the truth and Baha’i Faith will be free to coexist along other religious movements in Iran and the human rights of their adherents will be respected as Iranian masses progress and learn to respect and appreciate diversity of thoughts and values in their midst.

Dr. Hakhak then added that the claim of the Moslem establishment that the Baha’i movement is a political movement and not a religion serves a very short sighted and self serving intent by the Islamic Republic Regime. Fair minded people who have had interaction with the Baha’i community know very well that this is a most peace loving community and is already established as a global religious community with its own unique characteristics.

Dr. Hakhak mentioned that in his lectures and classes he speaks about the unique contribution of Tahirih, the famous Baha’i poetess and scholar of early Baha’i history. He shared how much he regrets the fact that Tahirih was put to death at a young age by the sanction of the Mullahs and order of Nasiriddin Shah because of being a Baha’i.  With her suffocation not only humanity was for ever deprived of her God given genius and influence but that much of her poetry was also forbidden, demolished and eventually lost.

Kidsidebyside staff celebrates the courage and honesty of scholars such as Dr. Hakhak in defense of the human rights of the beleaguered Baha’is of Iran. Can you imagine to be a Baha’i from Iran and sit on one of his lectures in US university and all of a sudden hear your Iranian professor speaking with reverence and truth about your Baha’i history!! All children will rise in pride and fill up with joy when adults stand up for justice and truth wherever it happens.

We continue to believe that when we treat every soul according to the charter of international and universal human rights, the world of humanity will be able to find its path to an ever advancing civilization in an atmosphere of safety and peace. Truth always is victorious and truth is one. Let us all be about seeking the truth instead of suffocating the messengers of truth out of fear and hatred.


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