The Truth About Why Bahaí World Center Is in Israel

by keyvan

A documentary video slide show in Persian (Farsi) in two segments on You tube will briefly shed light on thecircumstances under which the Bahaí Faith began in Iran and emediately attacked by the Moslem Ulamas and authorities because they saw the Bahaí Teachings teachings as a threat to the Teachings of Quran and the norms of that time. In particular the Islamic world was quite shocked to digest the new teachings such as equality of men and women, oneness of humanity, elimination of all prejudice and respect for all minorities, harmony of science and religion, independent investigation of truth before one chooses a set of beliefs and values, etc

havij 1 April 2009

A Bahaí Naswer

Those who deligently and patienately work for the protection of all human rights for all humanity have their hopes in the fact that ultimately truth will set all of humanity free. Truthfulness is, indeed, the foundation of all human virtues”as mentioned in the Bahaí Writings. The Bahaí community of Iran and especially the Bahaí children and youth of Iran have suffered too long as a result of the lies the Moslem authrities have been fabricating over the past 160 years to use the Bahaí community as an e scape goat and create fear and hatered in the hearts of the public in Iran just to keep them away from knowing the facts and God forbid be educated and attracted to the new Teachings.

As a result of these lies many believers of this peaceful and forward thinking religion that has appeard from the heart of Iran, have been tortured and put to death and the violation of their basic human rights continues in the worse form under the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran.

How tragic and how inhumane is the result of the violations of human rights inflicted in Iran by those who have the power in their hands and what a price humanity is paying for the ignorance, malice and fear of Islamic Republic Regime of Iran.

Since truthfulness is the foundation of all virtues, then we must all rise to serve the cause of truth with knowledge and conviction to learn. Hope the above videos increase your knowledge of the historical facts.


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