Naw-Ruz Greetings for all

by keyvan

We like to wish the Iranians all over the world a very happy Happy Naw-Ruz. We specially are thinking about the Baha’is of Iran especially the Baha’i children who celebrate Naw-ruz not only as a national Persian holiday but as a Baha’i Holy Day and the beginning of Baha’i Calendar.

We hope the Divine providence opens the doors of peace, ease, freedom, justice, love, oneness of all humanity, joy and hope for every soul on this planet with the coming of Naw-Ruz especially the Baha’i families in Iran. We pray that the cry of all children especially the innocent Baha’i children and youth who have remained steadfast to the cord of peace, prayer and Divine assistance be heard.

Naw-Ruz by Baha’is is celebrated with engaging in humanitarian acts that benefits all mankind. May the Baha’is of Iran be free from any violation of their human rights so they are able to take every opportunity to serve their fellow human beings wherever they are and whoever they are.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful Arabic chant of the Naw-Ruz prayer.


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