A Global Call to Prayer for YARAN in Iran

by keyvan

Baha\’i prayer chant for Yaran by KeyvanYou are asked to participate in a global prayer to free Yaran in Iran

Global call to prayer for YARAN in Iran

June 12, 2010 is the 4rth trial date for the Seven former Baha’i administrators in the Evin Prison at the hand of Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. They have been arrested and kept in prison while having also had to pay bails in large sums, now entering the 3rd year of their imprisonment in section 209 of Evin Prison. Much needs to be done by every conscionscious human being on this planet to make the crooked right in the Islamic Republic system of so called justice. In case of the Seven innocent Yaran, one important action we all can take universally is: Prayer for Yaran.

The following Prayer for Yaran chanted by Keyvan chant is in their honor.

In her recently published book called Between Two Worlds, Roxana Saberi writes about her two Baha’i cell mates with tender emotions and admiration for their integrity and humanity as they suffer violations of their human rights based on trumped up charges by the Islamic Republic Regime. Her words draw a powerful picture of the pain and torment o those who are unjustly kept prisoners and their cry for freedom and justice is awaiting to be headed and heard.

Roxana writes: “I discovered that what happened to me was remarkably similar to what many people in Iranian prisons endure. Human-rights activists call the mix of intimidation and persecution that I experienced “white torture,” which does not leave a physical mark but devastates one’s mind and conscience.” She further shares her insights ” I do believe that certain Iranian authorities are genuinly trying to address some of their country’s human-rights violations and short comings. However, they face fierce opposition from extremists who seem blinded by their own pursuit of power and their failure to recognize that the key to long-term security lies not in control and intimidation but in tolerance, an exchange of ideas, and wining the hearts and minds of disaffected groups and  independent thinkers. This security also depends on addressing the roots of problems instead of suppressing the people who speak or write about them.

Roxana reflects before one of her public talks, “I realize my captivity has given me a newfound determination to speak out. That’s because although I had witnessed injustice before I was arrested, I never really understood it–until I lived it and felt the pain of others who endure and stand up to it. Tonight I will speak freely, hoping to give a voice to the many Saras, Faribas, and Mahshids who are struggling to achieve their most basic rights. From them, I have learned that in the dark, there is light, and that though thee will always be those who suffer, eventually the truth will prevail.”

In the universal struggle for humanity and justice with peace and tranquility for all, we must all choose whether we are on the side of light or darkness. Please become an addition of light to this darksome world. Light a candle of hope and rise your hands and voice in prayer for the fair trial of Yaran on June 12, 2010.


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