Education denied; the plight of Baha’i Youth in Iran

by keyvan
Baha’i parents and youth in Iran are banned from having this joy of celebration. Iran’s Islamic Republic Regime does everything it can to block the Baha’i youth from education inside and outside of the country!! I know, it is unbelievable, it is inhumane, it is beyond imagination. But unfortunately, it is a fact!
Another article in defense of the voiceless Baha’i students in Iran. We need more, we need a choir of brave and outreaching voices. The following article is one good example. Share it, face-book it, twitt it, podcast it, get it out.
George Washington High School
We need more youth around the world who know the value of higher education to cry out on behalf of the Baha’i youth whose voices are cut out by the suffocating powers of the Islamic republic Regime of Iran. We need ten voices for every shut out voice.
Being an activist for human rights today means you are alive and you care. Being an activist for human rights of the children and youth today means you are alive and care about the future of civilization, it means you have to use the light you hold in your hands, aim it at the darkest place in the world, Iran and do not allow the bats and creepy crowleis hide in the corners and crevasses of our human civilization and get away with oppression of the worst kind; blocking the Baha’i children and youth from seeking education.

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