LeMonde Reports Public Presure made a Difference in Jafar Panahi Release from Evin Prison

by keyvan

Jafar panahi freed from Evin Prison

LeMonde in France on May 28, 2010 has published a long article reporting the freedom of Jafar Panahi the Iranian film maker from the Evin prison of Iran.We are so delighted to hear this wonderful news. Indeed, the support which was poured out for the release of Mr. Panahi from all over the world made a difference. Iran does hear the voices of humanity in defense of human rights, liberty and freedom within its borders. The global community is claiming its global jurisdiction and indeed transcends the imaginary boundaries that separates our small and fragile planet. Humanity is one and the earth is indeed one country as Baha’u’llah declared 160 years ago.

The same issue of LeMonde publishes the human rights violations of the Baha’is of Iran by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. LeMonde explains some of the facts about this on-going, systematic government sanctioned and inhumane persecution of the Baha’i community of Iran.

But what is amazing and out of the control of the Islamic Republic Regime is the unquestionable humanity of the people of Iran and how they are increasingly becoming aware of the plight of their innocent and peaceful fellow citizens and with admirable audacity face the danger of expressing their outrage anywhere in the world.  This is an unprecedented expression of humanity and solidarity for the human rights in the 160 year history of the Baha’i community of Iran. The Baha’is of Iran are feeling loved and supported by their fellow citizens and all the ways they are standing up for their human rights. This is a breath of fresh air for the Baha’i community who is the proverbial canary in the mine in the suffocating atmosphere created by the toxicity of the Islamic Republic Regime when it comes to the violations of basic human rights for its citizens.

What is heartening and encouraging is the degree the public in Iran has become informed about the human rights violation of the Baha’i community of Iran. These days the moment there is a conversation about Iran and the issues of justice, humanity, fairness and freedom, Iranians of all religions and no religion mention the dire situation of the Baha’i children and their families in Iran. One mother was talking about how disgusted and enraged she was about how her son witnessed the humiliation of his Baha’i friend in the school ground by the school authorities. She said she is so ashamed of the inhumanity that has violated the sacred grounds of the schools in Iran where innocent and defenseless children are entrusted in the hands of those who are there to educate and edify. She said; I praised my son for speaking about it to me.

The Iranian young mother responded with a Persian poem saying if one member of the body is in pain the rest of the body cannot have peace either. She said, “enough is enough. People are fed up. We have become a culture of force and injustice. Where are the lessons of love and compassion and humanity they should teach the children in the name of Islam? I do not wish to have anything to do with all this and their Islam.”

We have heard from human rights advocates including Roxana Saberi both in her speeches and her book; Between Two Worlds, that people’s views and demands for the freedom of the prisoners of conscience like the Baha’is of Iran makes a difference. We do hoe that what the people of the world think, does make a difference in how far the Iranian Islamic Republic Regime will go to violate the human rights of its citizens.


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