United for Human Rights

by keyvan

If every crisis is pregnant with a victory, then the crisis of human rights in Iran and the heavy price people of conscience are paying for freedom, justice and peace, is bearing some unusual and historic global fruits! For the first time Iranian of all backgrounds, all religions and no religion have come together united on the account of their humanity in defence of human rights for all people. What is even more refreshing to behold is how the whole world is coming together and very loudly and creatively proclaim their solidarity with the meek and lowly in Iran for the sake of human rights and freedom. As professor Kazemzadeh, the retired professor of history at Yale University said in his talk in Claremont on June 11, 2010, in observance of the Global Day of action before a room full of people of all colors and backgrounds, “the Baha’is of Iran have suffered innumerable atrocities and injustice for their belief since the inception of their Faith and especially in the the past 30 years.” Despite of all this no Baha’i has ever terrorized any one, has become a suicide bomber, has used violence to make the crooked right, or has banned together with any political crowd or movement to seek justice or human rights. The power of this meekness has become the cement of the hearts and actions of many who wish to stand for human rights but do not wish to become divided by partisan politics of any sorts. In fact the Baha’i principle of the oneness of all humanity is becoming more and more appreciated when people of conscience and good will wish to address the issue of human rights. The recent movement called “United for Iran” is one of these delightful fruits of practicing oneness in support of the human rights of all humanity by all humanity. The bill board pictures all over London that says “Free Baha’i Leaders” with their pictures of all seven who are still in prison awaiting so called trial is truly a wondrous sight to behold. It seems like humanity eventually is awakened and is living to its promise of “Never Again”. This is a most sweet fruit for all humanity and the Baha’is of Iran are proud to have suffered for this awareness and unity for human rights for all. Let us keep our eyes on the process of their trial that is going on as we write this blog, and see where justice and human rights appear in that picture! Let us hope and work for  respect for human rights of all in Iran and every where in the world. We hope the Sunnies, the Sufies, the Jews, the Christians, the non believers, the Turks, the Kords, the children, the youth, and  all others be able to enjy their basic human rights and Iran becomes the place of glory and beauty, culture and human civilization as it is destined and promised by Bahai writings.


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