All the Birds Stopped Feeding And the Watchful Rooster Looked Up in Distress and Went Silent.

by keyvan

HRANA HRA the Human Rights News Agency gives a summary report of the on going violations of the human rights of the Baha’i citizens of Iran both in Farsi and HRA in English We did say “Never Again” we cannot say, “O’ my God, I didn’t know”!!


watchful and alarmed

Empathy is not unique to real human beings. Animals get distressed when one of them is in danger!

This morning, I was feeding the chickens and all of a sudden I heard a shriek for help of a bird coming from the neighbor’s yard next to ours!!. All of a sudden all the birds stopped feeding and the white proud rooster raised his head in a state of alert looking at the direction of the distress call.   I listened. Could it be that one of my hens flew over the wall and is calling for help from the other side?

My neighbors do not have any chickens or birds, but they have two loose dogs in their yard. I ran towards the wall  and climbed the bench by the wall and low and behold, I saw the two dogs hovering over the poor and helpless hen lying on the ground a few yards from the wall. The hen was lying flat on the ground not knowing if someone will come to rescue her and the two dogs were showing no mercy at all.

The site of a helpless half life lying on the ground still but hopeful sent a shock wave through my system!! My heart sank in my chest. My mind was racing with all its force to figure out a rescue plan and it had to be fast or it would be too late.

I could tell the owners were not home and the beasts had the reign of the whole territory. How can I defend the defenseless bird from afar? My hands were tied and I was on the other side of the wall. The dogs were continuously pulling on the poor hens tail and the ground was  covered with her black and white feathers. O’ God, how can I stand by and watch this life be taken at the hand of the ignorant and arrogant? I came down, ran and got the water hose aiming it at full force at the dogs hoping they would let go of the hen which they did. The moment the two dogs left the hen alone, she ran for safety of a bush and the dogs had to face the rush of the water I was aiming at them before they would grab hold of the hen.

Finally, I called my husband for help and while he kept the water hose aimed at the dogs, I fetched a small ladder lowered it in the neighbors yard, climbed the wall climbed down the ladder, grabbed the hen hiding in the prickly bushes and sent her to safety back in our yard. While under the protection of the water hose I then climbed the wall again and brought back the ladder and climbed back to our yard. My hands and legs scratched and my knees shaking but both my husband and I were proud excited and happy. We did rescue an innocent life!! The right to life must be hard wired in all of us. The respect for life must be part of being human.

the hen have lost feathers but now safe

The hen hurt but now safe

The merciful and just God of all His religions is counting on the humanity of all of us God loving, God fearing people to reach out to our neighbors when they are violated and help. The Baha’is of Iran as well as many other innocent groups are the target of the merciless violations of the human rights at the hand of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. If it was not for real human beings with hearts of Gold and their God given conscience, the innocent would find no refuge and no peace.

I keep reading, hearing, watching the news of the on going violations of human rights in Iran by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran who is supposed to be looking after the human rights of its citizens no mater what belief and what background. Many people of good conscience, must be pausing and feeling alarmed, sad and helpless. One cannot help but to think that the level of stress for the poor citizens of Iran must of at a record high.

For the moment, the world seems helpless and only have a very humble hose of the media to shoot in the direction of the wild dogs hoping to keep them away from tearing the innocent and the meek in their mist apart.

I thank HRANA for their share of help and support to shed some light on the violations of human rights in Iran.


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