“We Call Them The Years of Horror,”!!

by keyvan

“We call them the years of horror,” one Baha’i woman told the BBC. She did not want to be identified.

All over the world people understand how children are the future and how humanity is obligated to safeguard this precious future. The Baha’i children in Iran, however, live in constant fear by what could happen to them and their parents at the hand of their government, the Islamic Republic Regime government of Iran.

children are our future

Iran’s Bahai community fear rise in


The above is the title of a recent article written by By Kasra Naji BBC News

The article points to the horrific situation of the violations of human rights of the Baha’is of Iran being attacked, harassed, and systematically violated by their government in the name of Islam, is our present day genocide in process.

The state of terror and horror has the been the aim of the originators of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran for the Baha’i community of Iran by design from its inception. The children, I am afraid, have been the most vulnerable victims of this religious barbarism and oppression.

The ignorance of the public in Iran about the gentle and progressive Teachings of the Baha’i Faith and its long history of suffering and never harming any soul, adds to the pain of the wounds inflicted by the malicious planners of the eradication and destruction of the Baha’i community.

Baha’i children begin to feel the brunt of the hostile environment as they get to know their own neighborhood and it increases in its intensity as they start attending kindergarten. Their classmates, their teachers, the principle of the school and the parents of their classmates are all potential or actual perpetrators of the violence committed against them because of their faith.

The Dart-Wader of religious ignorance and superstition has no mercy on the human rights of the innocent Baha’i children of Iran and their loving hearts. The Baha’is of Iran have been the model Luke-sky-walkers of the age and have endured patiently and lovingly for over a century the lashes of oppression in the name of Islam, perchance the force of religious violence stops once and for all and the face of our planet is cleansed of the dark forces of religious fanaticism and destruction.

It is about time that real Muslims defend the human rights of their Baha’i brothers and sisters so religion becomes a servant of the well-being of humanity and not humanity be crucified in the name of religion, no matter what type of religion! Religion is supposed to be a divine gift of love to man so humanity is edified and free from the lower nature and animal like behaviors. If religion is the cause of humanities destruction and degradation, if the medicine prescribed is making the patient sicker and more cynical and destructive, then that religion is not of God and we should have nothing to do with it!

Baha’u’llah has Written profusely about the ways religion is meant to help elevate and uplift humanity out of its ignorance and arrogance. true religion leads humanity to true happiness and propels human civilization forward with its healing and edifying properties. Baha’u’llah says, “Religion bestoweth upon man the most precious of all gifts”.

“The fundamental principle enunciated by Bahá’u’lláh, the followers of His Faith firmly believe, is that religious truth is not absolute but relative, that Divine Revelation is a continuous and progressive process, that all the great religions of the world are divine in origin, that their basic principles are in complete harmony, that their aims and purposes are one and the same, that their teachings are but facets of one truth, that their functions are complementary, that they differ only in the nonessential aspects of their doctrines, and that their missions represent successive stages in the spiritual evolution of human society. Baha’i Writings.”

May God bless.


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