140 Years for the Seven Baha’i YARAN of Iran

by keyvan

140 years sentence for the Baha'i YARAN of Iran

20 years prison term for each of the members of Yaran according to the
Committee of Human Rights.

The sentenced the seven former Iranian Baha’i administrators to a
total 140 years in prison!

Please do continue to keep them and all who face injustice in your
prayers. We will have upcoming prayer gathering soon.

I hope one day the light of justice shines its glory on the whole
planet in such way that all the inhabitants of our little blue marble
can see that nothing short of holding each others hands in unity
around our big blue marble brings all of us happiness and salvation.

Let us learn together to live together in harmony and peace. To me the
ultimate of justice is the day when we all circle around the earth
with our beautiful Iran in its midst and celebrate our friendship and
love for all the children of humanity. Isn’t this the whole purpose of
the medicine of religion?

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