In Celebration of the Imprisoned Baha’i young Teachers in Shiraz به ياد جوانان پر غیرت شیراز

by keyvan

The video remembers the Baha’i young teachers who are behind bars in Iran sentenced by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran to years in prison! Their only crime, volunteering to teach moral and character education to underprivileged children.

The real problem, however, is that the Baha’i values of oneness and equality is very threatening to the Islamic Regime. The Baha’i values are new teachings for the progress of humanity and are in stark conflict with the antiquated Islamic Republic values of subjugation of women, obedience to the rule of force instead of the right to independently investigate the truth, using superstition to keep people under control instead of teaching the harmony of science and religion, preaching the superiority of Islamic Republic version of Islam and forcing it on others, in place of accepting the truth of the oneness of all humanity and equality of all especially equality of men and women.

We are happy to share the above video with the world.  The need to learn and create a new civilization based on the principles of oneness of all humanity, oneness of all religions and oneness of God is only a matter of time for all civilized communities. Education is a human right. No civilized system will punish its citizens for teaching and learning science or universal principles in an age where knowledge is cheap and plenty, but finding a teacher that can  love and edify based on reason, science, justice and progress for all is very precious and rare.

Many Iranian intellectuals complain that Baha’i community of Iran does not participate in the political struggles and factions. For Baha’is to be right or wrong is not the first and foremost priority especially in a social and economic development project. To be effective and to make a difference in the life of the community and help with the advancement of civilization, is of great importance. Children, at the age of internet, unfortunately are privy to much more information that they can handle. What children and youth really are deprived of are teachers who can teach them critical thinking and decision making skills that benefits not just the individual but all humanity.

Many social ills of today has in its roots in the ignorance of the the principle of oneness. Humanity is like an organic body and each and every cell has a right to fulfill its best and must be acknowledged for the irreplaceable role it plays in the health and well being of the whole body. It is because of this vital and new awareness and knowledge that the Baha’i youth choose to dedicate their time and talents to the education of the underprivileged and poor in the community. The Baha’i system of thinking sees all humanity as one family and the Baha’i youth take a great deal of joy to teach the children about the values of equality, respect for all, honesty, integrity, oneness, prayer, trustworthiness, peace and harmony and love for all humanity.

The Baha’i community is welcomed all over the world to offer its services and teach its forward looking values that is indispensable if humanity is awake and wishes to move forward.

The Baha’i youth in prison in Iran make it possible for the rest of the world the privilege of witnessing a new form of leadership, a new race of man. They indeed deserve celebration ad applaud. What a wonderful role model of leadership for the whole world to know and especially for the youth to emulate. They are number one in maintaining their own integrity and standing their ground against so many odds for a sense of good will and social justice. They are a witness that human rights are God given rights and no man in a right mind has the ability or the power to take it away if the rest of us stand up and speak up.


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