The Song that Celebrates the Holy City of Shiraz

by keyvan

The City of Shiraz in the southern part of Iran is the birth place of many wonderful things such as roses, the poets Hafiz and Sadi.

To the Baha’is all over the world, Shiraz is the birth place of the Baha’i Faith and the Herald of the Baha’i Faith, The Bab. The house o the Bab was considered amongst the holiest of places for the Baha’is to pay pilgrimage. Unfortunately this holy house was raised to the ground by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. The memories and pictures of the House, however continues to live in many hearts and its pictures sits high up on the mantles of many homes all around the world.

October 20, 1819 was the birthday of the Bab. Baha’is all over the world celebrate His birthday and remember His glorious example as Shogi Effendi remembers Him;  “…the gentle, the youthful and irresistible person of the Báb, matchless in His meekness, imperturbable in His serenity, magnetic in His utterance …”

The Baha’i children in our area had a special role in the celebration of the birth of the Bab hoping their friends in Iran are also able to rejoice in celebration of the Holy personage of the Bab in the privacy of their homes since Baha’is are not at liberty to gather and worship in freedom. The Baha’i children and their friends in our area participated in skits, sang in a choirs and rejoiced in company of their family and friends while refreshing their knowledge of the ever unfolding religious history.

Everyone, especially the children hope one day the violations of human rights in Iran comes to an end and all people can live in peace and harmony honoring everyone’s beliefs and human rights.

The above video has some of the most beautiful pictures of Shiraz and celebrates Shriaz as the City of mysteries and supplication.

May God bless all who honor the peace.


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