Human Right In Iran Concert part 2

by keyvan

Human Rights Support in Iran Concert, Part Two from Keyvan Geula on Vimeo.

Sahba Motalebbi the young Persian tar virtuoso played in honor of human rights in Iran. a crowd of over 90 people from all background attended the event. People seemed really outraged about the injustice and violations of human rights in Iran but people were also agreeing that there are two components to the process of dealing with injustice and violations of human rights.

I might say, it was refreshing to hear such elevated talk about human rights and justice.The magic of the evening was of a magnetic nature

One participant shared that was it not for the fact that Baha’i teachings accepts Islam as one of the legitimate and major religions, she would have accepted to be a member of the Baha’i Faith. But having witnessed the violence committed in the name of Islam now and throughout its history, she cannot reconcile to accept Islam to be a religion from a loving God. A knowledgeable friend interrupted and said, we are all expecting civility based on the standards of today which is influenced by the new Teachings of God ever since 160 years ago. The standard of humanity and justice was of a different nature during Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha. Today we no longer accept an eye for an eye, that time is expired and that teaching is obsolete.

Today is that day of which we have said, people study war no more. Today, for those who are being wronged, the role is to be meek and never become contaminated by the virus of cruelty and injustice. Those who are wronged must protect their humanity and integrity to let loose an ocean of love and forgiveness that ultimately must quench the eternal fire of animosity and inhumanity, and pave the way for peace and civilization. For those who have the privilege of supporting the rights of the wronged, as a group, they act out through the rule of law and delegated powers of government with wisdom and firmness and create means that ultimately help win the rule of justice over injustice, humanity over inhumanity, Luke Skywalker over the Dart-Waders of our time. The crowd of people who were standing by and listening seemed comforted by this new and convincing wisdom, of balance and justice. No one wants to see more revenge and more injustice, people are growing out and growing up; one friend reminded us all.


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dlherrmann November 25, 2010 - 10:18 pm

Just as the violence and murder done by the Christians during the Crusades is no longer considered acceptable Christian action, so too will the violence mistakenly done in the name of Islam will someday be considered. Not all Muslims agree with it today. The violence is contrary to the Quran.

keyvan November 28, 2010 - 11:04 am

Thank you for your hopeful response. let us hope that day begins with today in each one of us.


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