Iranian Artists, Musicians and Songwriters Express Anger and Opposition to the Violations of Human Rights In Iran

by keyvan

Music and art has always been one of the most powerful and effective means of social awareness, social justice and social change. So much emotions can be bundled in one line of a song and music. We still can hear the cry of the slaves in America calling; “We shall over come, we shall over come someday” and that day has been dawning ever since.

These days we hear for the first time the cry of anger and sadness of many Iranians expressed in different art forms in defense of the human rights of their Baha’i brethren and sisters. Expressions of anger and sadness about violations of human rights of the Baha’is in Iran has a particular intensity and feel especially by those Iranians who have been silent in defense of their Baha’i brothers and sisters in the past 160 years of its history. Some say this explosion and intensity is a natural reaction of the awakened conscience of Iranians who believed the lies and slanders perpetuated by those who felt threatened by the forward moving and forward thinking of the Baha’i belief and now that the veils of deceit are cleft asunder by the obvious example of integrity, honesty, nobility and perseverance of the Baha’i community of Iran under grave violations of every human right God has given them, the mass of Iranians can witness the truth and are speaking up on behalf of their Baha’i brethren and sisters.

Some of these expressions in arts and music appears to be collaboration of different talents and art form. In the above videos and song you see the faces of the innocent Baha’is in prison and held captive by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran and hear the song of Daryoosh a talented singer of Iran speaking about humanity human brotherhood and human rights which is one of blood and not of body and place.

The second video refers to the inhumane treatment of Baha’i children and students in Iran by their teachers questioning them in front of the whole class about the illegitimacy of their faith and demanding that they deny their identity or they would be expelled.

The lyrics of the song gently questions the notion of being a teacher which is about encouragement and empowerment of children to learn to investigate, to love, to be good. The song refers to the messengers of God from all religions including the prophet of Islam who as great teachers of humanity and civilization, loved all humanity especially children and their mission was about education not persecution and injustice, choice not oppression and force.

I hope more people of conscience are moved into learning about human rights and act to protect it. I am grateful for the stories and arts I receive in defense of human rights. Please do continue your loving support.


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