Dr. Nourizadeh; The Whole World Knows that the Baha’is are Honest, Integress and Peaceful

by keyvan

Dr. Nourizadeh Speaks in Defense of the Integrity and honesty of the Baha’is who have been wrongfully scape-goated since its inception in 1844 in the land of its birth Iran. Dr. Nourizadeh speaks out of his own personal experience with Baha’is and as a witness to their integrity, honesty and peacefulness.

When more and more people of good name, such as Dr. Nourizadeh, speak up based on their higher principles and out of their own knowledge not the knowledge of their neighbors, then there might be a hope for justice and human rights for all in Iran and elsewhere. May be then religion can serve as a means of civilization and peace and not as a hostaged force in the hands of the Darth-Vaders of humanity who are the destroyers of light.


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