Human Rights are God Given Rights But Iranian Government Claims Baha’is Are Not Included!!

by keyvan

The human rights of the Baha’is of Iran has been undermined, battered and abused since its inception, 1844. But in the past thirty years, under the Islamic Republic Regime the violations are more brutal, deliberate and noxious. These systematic and well orchestrated, custom made violations which are committed in the light of the global awareness of human rights as God given rights, is really a huge step backwards for Iran. For one thing, even though Baha’u’llah had announced in 1844, the independent investigation of truth as a new principle and right for all, the world of humanity did not even know about human rights until 1948. But after signing the Charter of human rights, no excuse is an excuse. The Baha’is of Iran, their children and youth have been working, crying, and praying for humanity to wake up and join them for the betterment of the world. But the world has been too loud to hear the cries of the meek. Our only consolation is that today, more and more people of conscious and integrity are speaking up. Congresswoman Maloney releases statement supporting Baha’is in Iran. Rep. Maloney’s full statement: “Recent reports suggest that the seven Baha’i leaders convicted last August have been transferred to more dangerous areas of the prison in which they are being held. Additionally, a series of arrests of Baha’i adherents began in Isfahan on February 13th. The fate of those individuals is currently unknown, but these arrests suggest that the Iranian government is continuing its persecution of members of the Baha’i faith. “Freedom of religion is a basic human right. The United States has always been committed to defending religious freedom around the globe. The world must be vocal in its condemnation of the mistreatment of the Baha’i people at the hands of a brutal government. “I urge the Iranian government to release all those whom it has imprisoned solely because of their religious beliefs, and to treat all of its religious minorities with tolerance.” We like to join the Congresswoman Maloney with a prayer of Abdu’l-Baha asking for a superhuman steadfastness for the Baha’is of Iran and for the rest of us to succeed in defending the meek and let freedom rise. Prayer of Abdu’l-Baha chanted by Keyvan Geula

Ay Delbar-i-yektayam; Prayer of Abdu’l-Baha chanted by Keyvan Geula remembering the Baha’is of Iran and their superhuman steadfastness


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