The Worst prison in the World Witnesses the Victory of Virtous Beauty

by keyvan

بدترین زندان جهان امروز شاهد پیروزی اخلاقی تام

Farzam Kamal-Abadi is the younger brother of one of the seven innocent Baha’is thrown in prison in Iran by the Islamic Republic Regime for exercising the very basic human rights God has given every human being, namely speaking their conscious and be the cause of elevation and humanity in others. In the above letter he writes with the same beautiful pen he does Chinese calligraphy, about what he sees behind the dark cloud of the worst prison in Iran. He brings into light the beauty and grandeur that Baha’i prisoners are witnessing in the dark pit their enemies have intended for them. I guess, we see once again, we plot and He plots, and He is the Best of all plotters; if I can remember this famous saying right!! You know what I mean.

For a Baha’i the real freedom is the freedom from the lower self. Abdu’l-Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah made it clear when he landed in America and saw before Him, for the first time the Statue of Liberty. He raised His both hands to salute it. One of the people present asked Him how does it feel to be free after 60 years of being in exile and imprisonment. With His gaze still on the Madam Liberty, He said, the only liberty is the freedom from the self; that He was never in prison.

When we are able to live our consciousness according to the divine Will, we are with Him and free as free can be.

For Baha’is the center and core practice of this consciousness circles around regards for the organic oneness of all humanity. That we are all cells of one body, whatever hurts one it must pain all others. The Baha’i Teachings says, this is the way we have been created so we collectively may manifest the oneness of our Creator and reflect the light of His love and compassion. To be human, from a Baha’i perspective, means to find humanity in every soul and love it to fruition. Religion is only the means for cultivating this love for humanity. If religion is not serving this purpose, Baha’u’llah commands, to toss it out!! The medicine that makes you sick, you do not need to take!!

Baha’is are taught to seek humanity in others. Like the legendary Majnoon who would seek his beloved Laily everywhere and in every thing, Baha’ullah has taught His lovers to look for Godlike beauty in everyone and every soul until they find it.

Farzam tells us in his loving letter, how the Baha’i prisoners are transforming the heap of fire like Abraham into a flower garden not just for themselves but for the souls around them who have thought they were born to be the Dart Vaders o the world.

“So powerful is the light of unity”, says Baha’u’llah, “that illuminate the whole world”.


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