Tsunami in Iran; Iran arrests Bahai followers for proselytising faith Reuters

by keyvan

Iran arrests Bahai followers for proselytizing faith

Reuters March 13, 2011, 1:00 am
Reuters) – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has arrested a number of adherents of the Bahai religious minority for proselytising their faith in schools, student news agency ISNA reported on Saturday quoting a court official.
What can people of fair mind say. The age of inquisition is still alive in Iran. Darkness has enveloped that land and any amount of light really bothers the eyes of the those who live in the dark.
The Google search is riddled with the sites reporting the atrocities committed by the Iranian Islamic Regime. This news, a human rights violations, preventable  deliberate social injustice and moral disaster act is reported side by side with the unprecedented most horrific natural disaster of the earth quake in Japan that was no ones fault and could not be prevented.
Which tsunami is worse; the one that dumb nature brings upon us or the one the animal nature inflicts on humanity of us all? The one we cannot control or the one so called humans are responsible for?
Amongst the other media is PRESS TV with a picture of Bam Prosecutor-General Mohammad-Reza Sanjari!
PARS TV  says: “Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has arrested a number of the followers of the banned Baha’i cult on charges of promoting their perverse beliefs in kindergartens.”
May be the world should know by perverse believe they mean the Baha’i teachings of:
Oneness of all humanity,
oneness of God,
oneness of all religions,
elimination of all prejudices,
equality of the rights women and men,
independent investigation of truth,
world peace,
non participation in partisan politics,
one global auxiliary language and
respect for all human rights as God given rights.
If these teachings of Baha’u’llah is perverse and deserving of punishment, then Iran is staging to punish, arrest, annihilate the whole civilized world if Islamic Republic Regime was able to do it!!

Iran arrests number of Baha'is

read it for yourself UK news

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