Baha’i Prisoners Moved to be Tortured in Gharchak the Guantanamo of Islamic Republic

by keyvan

Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet transferred

A few days ago the two Baha’i women and former administrators of the Baha’i community in Iran were transfered with about 400 other prisoners to a place in Varamine near Tehran called Gharchak زندان قرچک ورامین

Gharchak is considered by many to be the Guantanamo of Islamic Republic and in many ways a whole lot worse and inhumane. It is a putrid, feces infested unsanitary dump where previously poultry was piled in it. No human should be subjected to this kind of hell, let alone noble human beings whose only crime is serving their fellow man and living the principles of their Faith; oneness of all humanity, oneness of God and oneness of all religions, equality of men and women, independent investigation of truth, education for all as human rights, etc.

What could and should we all do? Let us not do as we did with the Holocaust which has been so costly to all humanity.

what to do? …..what to do? …….What to do?……

Face book it, blog about it, speak to your friends, ask why, draw a picture about your rage, pray about it, invite others to discuss what to do, create a photo album about it, call your representative about it, meditate on what to do, put it on your urgent and important list of to do, pretend the prisoners are your sisters, aunts, neighbors, children, or you…….yes you!


این مقاله در این تاریخ منتشر شده پنجشنبه 05 مه 2011 – آخرین تغییرات در این تاریخ انجام شده است. پنجشنبه 05 مه 2011
زندان زنان ورامین : فاجعه ای در راه
تصویر آرشیوی

تصویر آرشیوی

صدها زن زندانی سیاسی و عقیدتی و عمدتاً جرایم عمومی در محلی به عنوان زندان قرچک ورامین نگهداری می شوند که در گذشته مرغداری بوده است. این زندان سالنی است بزرگ با سقفی بلند و فاقد امکانات بهداشتی که مدفوع سراسر آن را پوشانده است. گرسنه نگه داشتن زندانیان و کتک زدن دسته جمعی آنان از موارد آزار در زندان قرچک ورامین است.

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Anonymous May 6, 2011 - 7:46 pm

Pain, so much pain. A splitting of the heart. Crying out from the soul, “We are one people serving One God. How can we hurt each other so, then claim to carry the Love of God in our hearts. NO, NO! To do these things that animals do not do, we must first put a thick wall between our hearts and God’s love”. Do not blaspheme the name of God by claiming allegiance to Him, while performing such atrocious, inhuman acts on the innocent.”

keyvan May 6, 2011 - 9:08 pm

Thank you for this eloquent expression of human pain in the face of inhumanity. I echo it. Let us invite all to join us.

Juliet Traub May 13, 2011 - 12:08 pm

This news weighs heavy on my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


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