Baha’i Women Political Prisoners Transferred to Gharchak Death Concentration Camp to Die

by keyvan

The design is for the 450 women including the two Baha’i women political prisoners to to die but the Islamic Republic regime’s government does not want the responsibility or the blame. Fariba and Mahvash Kamal-abadi were only given a sham trial. Their noble lauriette lawyer had to flee the country and is now afraid for her life. The government or certain key elements in the Iranian government will be better off, they assume, with Baha’i community completely annihilated and decapitated.

The Iranian government fears the loving Baha’i concept of religion. How can a belief system be of God if it does not force control and administer fear, they protest. Religion must separate the infidle from the people of the Book and fear, control, prejudice, superstition, and superiority of one group over the other are the norms, they believe.

The Baha’i Teaching challenges these outdated beliefs and forms of treatment in the name of religion if we are going to pursue an ever advancing human civilization. Religion, Baha’is belief, like science, is only a progressive ever changing mean, a healing remedy and not the ultimate end. No individual has the power to force his or her opinion or understanding about God or religion on others. The matter of faith and belief is personal and between the individual and his conscience. If religion becomes the cause of disunity, Baha’u’llah says, then we are better to have no religion. If the medicine makes you and your global family divided and sick, put aside that medicine.

The world of humanity is getting tired of suffering caused in the name of religion and growing ever more conscious of the need for the Baha’i principles of oneness of all humanity, oneness of God and fundamental oneness of all religions.

Therefore a careful situation has been planned in Iran by the Islamic Republic government to take the prisoners to a death camp where the prisoners either kill each other accidentally!! Or their death is caused as a result of other intolerable purposefully induced and planned conditions such as prolonged hunger, foul and unsanitary conditions, violence by other prisoners or sheer dehumanizing isolation, heath, fear and abuse.

The Un Commission on face book claims;

Gharchak Prison in Varamin A Humanitarian Disaster Waiting To Unfold در زندان قرچک ورامین، یک فاجعه انسانی در حال وقوع است

A moving letter on behalf of all the families is submitted to the Islamic Republic government officials. Will it make a difference? What must and can do next?

Is this where justice comes to a halt? The global scene is riddled by violence and human rights violations. But are we supposed to surrender and give up? Every single soul counts. Who can you make a difference for?

Farzam kamal-abadi is already in Iran. Among the questions asked are:

  • Will he be able to see his sister Fariba Kamal-abadi and Mahvash Sabet in one piece?
  • Are they OK?
  • Will any one be able to  open the cage and set these two doves of peace free?
  • Will he return empty handed?
  • Will he return at all?

Please add your comments and question.

Actions waiting to be taken by you:

May 12, 2011 is the third year anniversary of the imprisonment o the seven Baha’i leaders. Amongst many event there will be stream live over the Web the reception on May 12 to commemorate the third anniversary of the incarceration of Iran’s seven Baha’i leaders.

S.Res.80 on the Baha’is in Iran

On March 1, 2011, U.S. Senators from Illinois Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin introduced a resolution condemning the Iranian government for its state-sponsored persecution of Baha’is, Iran’s largest non-Muslim religious minority, and its continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights.

S.Res.80 was immediately referred to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Contact your senators to ask them to demonstrate support for the Baha’is in Iran by co-sponsoring the resolution. If your senators’ names are already listed below, be sure to follow up to express your appreciation. To email or call your senators, click here.

The first beneficiaries of any of us acting as human is the totality of humanity. We are truly cells of one body, waves of one sea, fruits of one tree.



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rocio salvatierra. May 10, 2011 - 7:26 pm

es muy triste que en tiempos ta modernos se trate´ asi a las mujeres .bendiciones.


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