Thanks for “Stand up for Iranian Bahá’ís’ right to a higher education”

by keyvan

The Guardian on Saturday 11 June 2011, has published an article to express solidarity

with the Baha’i Students of BIHE in Iran who not only are barred for 30 years from attending the university in Iran, but the authorities have arrested the faculty and students for the crime of learning and making education available to young Baha’is!!! What a government!! Guardian invites:

“Academics, students and politicians should join common cause for Bahá’í students in Iran. The authorities must be taught that human rights are universal. Barring Bahá’ís from university exposes the government’s own ignorance.

What can I say, anche ke ayan ast che hajat be bayan ast!

I thank all the students and faculty who have signed this letter in support of the students and faculty of BIHE who must tremble with fear not from the exam but from the cruelty and systematic vicious attacks by the Islamic Regime on their lives and the life of their fellow citizens.

What to do?

We need more universal participation in similar actions such as, prayers, protest and expressing solidarity with the BIHE students and the human rights to education for all. Will you share your views please? Twit it, Facebook it, blog it, shout it, do something, let the world know that human rights matters.



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Anonymous June 23, 2011 - 1:13 pm

Thank you!


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